Lower Division

Creative Movement (Ages 3-4) Students explore body movement through music. They are introduced to beginning dance steps in a fun and imaginative way.
PreDance Introduces the student to dance vocabulary and the dynamics of music and dance.
Ballet 1 Students are taught fundamentals ballet skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination.
Ballet 1A Continues the introduction of ballet fundamentals and reinforces ballet vocabulary and movements.
Ballet 2 These classes are for students who are new, returning to, or refreshing their skill. Students will learn ballet fundamentals, terminology, and work on motor coordination.
Ballet 2A and 2B Students in these classes have completed ballet fundamentals and can demonstrate their knowledge of ballet vocabulary.
Modern 1 Modern fundamentals are introduced in order to develop strength, flexibility, and confidence.
Modern 1A Introduces the student to modern dance basics. Students explore various movements, spatial relationships, and rhythmic patterns.
Modern 2 Students continue the exploration of various movements, spatial relationships, and rhythmic patterns.
Modern 2A, 2B Students in these levels build on modern basics and are introduced to lyrical patterns.
Ballet 3 Students at this level focus on barre exercises and center floor work in order to build strength and technique.
Modern 3 Students at this level continue to work on basics with a focuses on movement that demonstrates balance, extension, isolations, and control.
Tap 1, 2 & 3 This class exposes the dancer to the beginning skills of Tap that builds a solid foundation. Student will learn the basic fundamentals of rhythm, syncopation, and coordination.
Hip Hop 1, 2, and 3 (Age 7 and up) Classes correspond to Ballet/Modern level. A high-energy class that is a fusion of jazz and street moves danced to contemporary music.